6 November 2023

The Block does it again…
this year with a rather charming flair.

For the past nine consecutive Block series, Construction Assignments has been at the helm of project delivery alongside Producer Julian Cress, Architect Julian Brenchley, and Head Contractor Nine in Six Builders.

Since mid-2022 the team has been making magic come to life in five masterfully designed homes from the 1950’s era in Hampton East, Victoria. For the first time in the show’s history contestants received the full renovation schedule in advance and were shown what the homes would look like before demolition. We watched five homes transform in twelve weeks through rainfall and heartache.

This past weekend, the homes officially went up for auction, and what a surprising auction it was. Congrats to the winners Steph and Gian with House 4 who took home a whopping $1.7M profit, a new Block record! Eliza and Liberty with House 5 came in second with a hefty $1M profit. Kristy and Brett (House 3) and Kyle and Leslie (House 1) all walked away with winnings while Leah and Ash (House 2) passed in their house during the auction. Amazing effort this year to all!

The Block 2024

Construction Assignments is elated to report we will continue making magic with Channel Nine next year. The Block 2024 is Channel Nine’s 20th season, and CA’s 10th. We’re extremely proud of the relationships made, obstacles overcome, and achievements realised through ten seasons together.

All is hush hush for the time being, but we can say ‘it’s something we’ve never done before’.

Julian Cress
Co-Executive Producer
Channel Nine

Jess Gould
Senior Project Manager
Construction Assignments

Julian Brenchley
Principal Architect
Group Architects