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Bev Hale

Practice Manager & Governance
Bev Hale

Bev has had many professions over the years, but the undercurrent through all of them was a focus on customer service and organization. This experience, which traverses a variety of industries, has served Bev well at Construction Assignments. She not only makes sure the day-to-day administrative needs of the team and Clients are met, she also works as an executive assistant to the managing director, Drenka Andjelic.

Bev is our go to person for making good things happen within the Construction Assignments team. She has been instrumental in developing the successful, customer centric business that we are. From business support systems through to QA, cost control and project management systems, Bev excels at any given task.

Bev credits Construction Assignments as a flexible workplace, with a fun team, and an admirable, high-achieving managing director.

“I feel there is so much more of a connection than ‘just a job’, as we share many core personal values, ethics and beliefs”.