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Hydro Majestic Hotel Pty Ltd

As Project Managers for the re-development of this iconic hotel, Construction Assignments oversaw the refurbishment of historic structures, the demolition of some non-heritage structures and the construction of new buildings at the extremities of the site. 

The Client’s project design, planning approval, program and cost objectives were delivered over 5 years with an exhaustive team of consultants and authorities.  Site constraints and characteristics included:

  • 1 km long site with highway frontage and 14 or so buildings perched on an escarpment at the rear.
  • Heritage and archaeological significance with structural responses to minimize development impacts.
  • Ground contamination along with hazardous materials considerations.
  • A difficult local council and inquisitive local community with custodianship tendencies.
  • Environmentally sensitive design parameters based on escarpment location, natural watercourses, bushfire zoning and vegetation considerations.
  • Services upgrades for power, sewer, water, gas and road-widening considerations.
Hydro Majestic, Blue Mountains

Photo courtesy of Andrew Merry