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PROJECT OTIS TASMANIA – Cradle Mountain, Strahan Village, Freycinet Lodge

NRMA Expeditions

NRMA has recently appointed Construction Assignments as Client-side Project Manager for the refurbishment and re-vitalisation of three properties in Tasmania.

The properties at Cradle Mountain, Freycinet and Strahan Village will undergo a master planning phase to establish them as 4-4.5 star destinations. Leading with the experience component and backed up by the beauty of the environment, the quality of the service and the integrated approach to the design of the room to reflect on the external environment.

Given the environmentally sensitive areas in which each site is located we will be assisting NRMA Expeditions with meeting their Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) targets in relation to sustainability and the environmental footprint of each location. This will include replacement of antiquated heating and cooling plants with electric solutions and/or solar power where applicable. Additionally, wherever possible, the project will use locally sourced, upcycled or native construction materials. We will take into consideration modern slavery risks of any items sourced from overseas and actively seek participation of Indigenous businesses in the work undertaken.

Our role will encompass co-ordination of the planning, design and construction phases while also maintaining strict budget control to meet NRMA’s financial investment commitments to each site.

We are very much enjoying working with the team from NRMA Expeditions in these beautiful and iconic locations.